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Ontario Trucking Transport and Storage

There are times when product shipments need to be put on hold and stored before being sent to their target market. This could be a short waiting period, such as waiting for documents to be acquired or a delivery location to be set, or it could be a cyclical one, such as requiring equipment during a specific time of the year but needing it stored outside of that time period.

Freight Warehousing

We understand that our clients have many different needs when it comes to freight transport. That is why we offer not only a reliable transportation services but also provide convenient storage facilities in our Ontario location. Our logistic experts understand very well that not every client can adhere to a precise schedule and always get products on the road to their destination as soon as possible. Some clients may have long term plans for the freight they need transported and those plans require storage.

Inventory Control

When your goods require temporary storage due to delays or distribution requirements, Blue Flash Express, Inc. offers fully equipped warehouses with state-of-the-art information systems that allow easy access and complete inventory management.

Loading and Unloading Your Inventory

Our dry and secure main storage facility in Ontario is easily accessible and equipped with self levelling docks that offer the perfect solution for clients who also require a distribution area. Blue Flash Express, Inc. makes every effort to ensure that our transport and storage solutions are customized to suit particular requirements of each individual client.

A Range of Customized Storage Services

Blue Flash Express, Inc. offers flexible warehousing services and storage options that include Blue Flash Express, Inc. offers flexible warehousing services and storage options that include:

  • Short or long term storage
  • Hold for pick up